Why apple is a good alternative for coffee?




Apples are in fact one of the most popular fruits around the world which considered one of the top ten healthiest on the list. Before a hard day’s work, eating an apple can fuel up the body’s senses giving an extra boost of alertness and vigor. Compare to other fruits, apples are handy, easy to carry and is very nutritious. When you heard apple, the phrase “an apple keeps the doctors away” is like a song that always lingering in our ears.

Apple contains vitamin C which is why it is popular as citrus. It contains a complete package of nutrients and vitamins from the moment you take a bite until it gets in your stomach. Apple can also be a good aid for regular digestive transmission. Also, one of the abilities of apple is their capacity to help you awake- a better alternative for coffee.

Apples are best when freshly consumed after breakfast or during the meal. This is why aside from banana; it is as good as a main food. But some say that it is better eaten at night before sleeping because it contains nutrients that helps relax the body and mind that promotes a better, deep sleep.


6 health benefits of apple

Apples are very familiar to all consumers around the world. But not all of them are informed about the nutrients content. Here are the six health benefits of apple:

1.       Immune system booster

Apple contains vitamin C which boosts the body’s defense system to fight infection and other diseases and fend off the symptoms of the most common cold influenza. In additional, vitamin C or ascorbic acid is an anti-oxidant that prevents the fast phase of cell degeneration. In fact, apple contains vitamins that helps skin rejuvenation and promotes efficient organ function.

2.       Promotes healthy nervous system

One of the most common diseases that affect the nervous system is parkinson’s disease which degenerates the function of the system’s central station (central nervous system). Apple contains Vitamin B complex which helps regulates the red blood cells and the nervous system in robustness.

3.       Aids for better digestion

Apple is literally rich in dietary fiber which is important in promoting good and healthy digestion. It regulates the transition of food from the stomach through the intestine and as a result, it stimulates a better nutrient absorption. High intake of fiber can prevent bad cholesterol from rising and can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

4.       Regulates blood flow

The most deadly disease that kills millions around the world is heart attack. Apple contains potassium that relief heart attack and stroke. It relaxes the muscles including the heart (heart is a muscle) and prevents it from cramping due to stress and over fatigue.

5.       Maintaining the balance of blood sugar level

Probably, apple can be considered as a food for diabetics but it is not an anti-diabetic food neither a food that promotes diabetes. It is an exceptional food that can be consumed to maintain the blood sugar level without affecting the metabolism although it contains sugar (natural sugar). Unlike artificial sweets, apples are high in natural sugar which is not bad for our health. In fact, some consumer chooses to eat apple instead of drinking coffee.

6.       Strengthen bones, teeth, and hair

Apple (most especially raw and with skin) contains vitamin D that helps our body to build up strong bones.  It is an essential vitamins use for the efficiency of other vitamins when combined.


Why apple is a good alternative for coffee?

Coffee is the best to guzzle up when it comes to graveyard shift working schedule.  Coffee contains caffeine which stimulates the brain and promotes mental alertness but unfortunately, too much caffeine can cause headache.

There are many reasons why apple can be a good alternative rather than drinking coffee. Apple and citrus fruits have a thing in common which is both contains natural sugar. It is not the caffeine that keeps a person awake but the sugar itself. The sugars from apple are administered in our blood stream steadily that’s why the feed of energy is constant compared to artificial sweets that have a stingy and spikey effect in our blood sugar which cause sugar crash that can be linked to anxiety and depression.


Some precautions

Study discovered that apple seed contains cyanide-a chemical compound that is very poisonous. Luckily, it is not lethal when you accidentally swallow an apple seed. It has a dosage which can be considered as lethal. You have to consume two hundred pieces of apple seeds or more to receive a deadly dose.



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