8 Health and Medicinal Benefits of Ginger Tea


8 Health and Medicinal Benefits of Ginger Tea

Commonly known for its aroma as a spice, ginger is also used as a medicine to treat internal and external diseases in our body. Ginger as a spice is a very popular flavoring in India and other countries in Asia. Aside from its aromatic flavor, ginger has amazing capabilities that treat many diseases associated with low immunity and other various diseases.

Ginger has different body effects and different nutrient content depending if it’s dried or fresh.  Dried ginger contains more gingerol (helps the production of defense cells in our body) than fresh one.

Why Ginger tea?

As a tea, it has a lot of health benefits internally. It is very helpful to have healthy digestion and keeps our digestive system free from toxicity. Its nutrients can be absorbed directly in our body system compare to fresh ginger. So what are the health benefits of ginger tea?

Lowers the risk of vascular disease

Ginger, including garlic together with onions, are considered as superfoods that promote anti-blood-clotting agent that regulates the flow of blood cells. It can also prevent fat from developing in the arteries aids to prevent stroke and heart attack.

Cures nausea

This is a common side effect of dizziness, fainting, and other energy health problems including low blood sugar. Before traveling or going to work, a person should drink a cup of ginger tea in the morning to disrupt the bad effects of nausea.

Fights inflammation

Gingerols are antioxidants that make ginger tea an effective inflammatory agent. The antioxidant also promotes cell renewal and eradicates free radicals that destroy cells rapidly.  Aside from ginger tea, you can also use fresh ginger to cure rheumatoid arthritis.

Shorten the symptoms of flu

Ginger tea has a high percentage content of vitamin C which drastically improves our immune system and promotes a healthy respiratory system.

Improves digestion

Ginger contains dietary fiber that is good for digestive cleansing. As a result, ginger can help our body to release gas. Ginger, raw, or tea can regulates our digestive health status and maintains the regularity of bowel movement.

Reduce the risk of having a sprain

Ginger tea can relax muscles and helps our body produce blood cells. A sprain can be the cause of a lack of folate. Once our body is low in red blood cells, the amount of oxygen that can be carried out to our organs is reduced resulting in low performance. This also includes dysmenorrhea.

Aids normal absorption of nutrients

Not all nutrients are being absorbed in the digestion process. Some remain undigested which can lead to constipation and if not cured, can result in life-threatening situations.

As mention above, it improves digestion that maintains a good transport of food from our mouth to our stomach. If digestion is proper, the absorption of minerals and nutrients is also efficient.

Boosts immune system

Ginger tea and fresh ginger contain vitamin C which helps fights bacteria and other infections that enters our body. 

Ginger is very beneficial in our health fresh or even tea. You can actually put it as an additive flavor to any dish. It also acts as a deodorant in some fishy dishes and some odorous meat (Lamb meat or goat meat). In short, ginger is a small spice with big health benefits.

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