Basic relationship rules and long distance relationships (LDR)


Often times, involving in a relationship can be very stressful mostly if both partners are from different part of the world. The aura of loneliness is sometimes overwhelming when one of them are busy doing their jobs or activities. Fortunately, millennials as of today are surrounded with technologies that can help them socialize to people all around the world.

Having a relationship is not easy as one-two-three when the distance is great. Talking about long distance relationship, many couple use to give up their mutual affection because of some reasons. Most millenials are involve in this kind of situation because of needs of passion and comfort. Well in the end, it is a win or lose situation if they deal with it superficially.


Basic relationship rules

When a couple is in a relationship, some of them intend to set rules when they are apart from each other. But not all couples are like this. Instead of doing their own stuff, they manage to stay in their safe zone that is away from temptations and leisure that will ruin their relationship. The most common rules in a relationship are:

1.       Don’t cheat

Cheating is one of the reason why most of serious relationship fail. Cheating is not a coincidence anyway, it is an option which an individual should decide if he or she is going to dump his or her relationship. Even in marriage, cheating is forbidden.

2.       Communicate Often

Communication is one or the most important thing to have a successful relationship. Even the slightest miscommunication can turn a good relationship into a miserable emotion.  Consistent communication will give the couple a consistent bond between each other.

3.       Trust

Without trust, relationship is nothing but just hear- and- say. Trust is one of the biggest foundation of a relationship aside from “love”.

4.       Love

The foundation of all things great is love. Even in an establishment, love is considered “a passion on something”. Love is the most sensual thing that makes our world beautiful.


How about long distance relationship (LDR)?

Over the centuries, couple found out that distance is not a hindrance to make a relationship successful. By the use of modern technologies and gadgets, distance is not an issue anymore. There are a lot of ways how to maintain a good relationship and besides, there are massive numbers of people who intend to have faith in success of a long distance relationship. In this situation, both couple should be aware of what is happening on both of them. So here are some things to do when you are in an LDR.


Be bold and open

Being bold and honest is not a mistake. It proves that a person is matured enough to handle him or herself in a situation when great distance is in the air. Just a realization, being honest can’t kill you if you’re in a relationship.


Be positive always

Problems and personal issues are not included in your goals as a couple. Even in long distance relationship, the presence of both couple must be always active and persistent. Problems are normal and as a mature person, considerable attitude and an understanding personality should always be there for better results.


Prioritize you relationship

Long distance relationship is as sensitive as a thin glass. Even the distance is great, it is possible to make your partner at ease and less stress. How would you manage this? It is not simple but you must show concern and intimacy on your partner. Long distance relationship is no different from other relationship accept its distance.


Build each other’s trust

As mentioned in basic rules of relationship, trust is somewhat somehow, a ones in a lifetime opportunity. Once you break it, fixing it would be a very difficult process. Building trust is like building a foundation of a building. You have to strengthen the very foundation of its foundation, the roots of its roots – this means basic of the basics on how to earn trust.


Showing compliments and faithfulness

There are some words that’s flying in a family conversation about how to deal with your partner. Long distance relationship is no big difference from a normal one when it comes to compliments and faithfulness. It is not about the “distance” but the “personality” of both of you. Compliment must be sincere and heartwarming. Always make your partner happy as you want also for yourself. 


Have a strong drive

Drive is not literally “drive”- drive the car. It is an urge or the passion to do a certain thing with great perseverance. This is simply “do what you have to do in a proper manner.” In order for both of you to be together, both should have an enormous drive to break the barrier of distance. Always remember, if you do nothing then progress is also distant.


The success of a long distance relationship

Long distance relationship’s success depends on both partners. It just like a normal relationship that both must show affection to make it successful. Although the distance is there, patience is the thing that you have to remember. Some advice; organize yourself and your time to be productive and inspired as always. Don’t be affected by gossips without any proof. Over thinking cannot help but a great positivity. As mentioned above, couples should develop trust as its foundation but the strongest foundation of it or in any relationship, is love.


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