Did you know that Chilis can give us a ton of surprising nutrients?



Chili, as described by some a vegetable, and the other, a fruit. But it is not important anymore if you want to give some hot spice to your health. In fact, Chilies give a lot of nutrients than any other vegetable does. Not to mention its effect that can make you go for more food every time this hot fruit-vege is present in a dish.

Chilis have properties that even they are small, they can give us a ton of surprising nutrients. But warning, “Too much everything is also too much not good”.


Benefits of Chili


Keep your skin healthy

Chili contains Vitamins A and C that produce anti-oxidants to keep your skin smooth and slim. Study shows that anti-oxidants can help eradicate free radicals – produce by oxidative stress that destroys cells and tissues.

 Chili also contains anti-oxidants that eradicates bad cholesterol that can cause major disease in our circulatory system.


Helps to keep your tissues healthy

Chilies can act as a detoxifier that eliminates waste that our bodies produce. As a result, it promotes good and healthy digestion of food.

Acts as a painkiller

Chili possessed a chemical called endorphin – a chemical that intercepts receptors in our brain that recognizes pain. Although our body is producing endorphin most especially if we’re at heavy work or activity, chilies can provide more support from killing pain through food intake.


Boost immune system

Immune system booster obviously comes from vitamins C. But according to some studies, chilies have more vitamins C than the very popular citrus. Actually, chili contains multiple times vitamin C. Aside from this, chili also contains potassium and folate that help regulate blood flow and improve the production of red blood cells. 


Prevents of colon cancer

As a detoxifier, chili contains vitamins and nutrients (Beta carotene, Vitamin C, and folic acid) that when combined, reduce the risk of having colon cancer. Not to mention the carotenoid lycopene that prevents cancer diseases.


Reduce the risk of heart attack

Eating a lot of high-cholesterol-content foods can increase the risk of having a stroke and heart attack. Chili can provide vitamin B that lowers the homocysteine level. The higher the level of homocysteine, the higher the damage in our blood vessels. In this case, the risk of having a heart attack is higher.


Increasing Metabolism

Capsaicin is what makes chili a food that helps you increase your metabolism. There are more health benefits when you have a good status of metabolism; it relieves nasal congestion, enlarges lung air passage which reduces asthma, and of course, some facts that cigarette smoking can kill a lot of Vitamin A in our body – Vitamin A is present on chilies that lower the inflammation of lungs during smoking.

Chili is a very popular fruit vegetable to any dish. As we observe, countries that consume a lot of chilies have less tendency to have a disease associated with the immune system and cancer.

The only problem with this fruit is its hotness which is not suitable for children. Some people use to eat bell peppers which also contain nutrients as hot chili does. I mean, it’s still chili but a different kind of it. Remember, the hotter the chili, the higher the content of vitamin C.




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