Shocking Health Benefits of Petting Dogs




Dogs have genetically come from the family of wolves that began more than 100,000 years ago and domesticated dogs are around humans for 30,000. During the domesticated era, dogs are used to help humans for hunting and if in very unfortunate circumstances, they are used as a food source.

Dogs are man’s best friend they say. They are the best companion a man could have instead of hanging around with other people. Dogs are around humans a long time ago and are used to help people with their therapeutic and emotional healing abilities.

For centuries, man used dogs to help disabled people, and others domesticated them as a part of the family. Although other pets can be domesticated, dogs have a remarkable chemistry with humans.

The bond between dogs and humans

In many ways, the bond between humans and dogs is very mysterious. But there is scientific evidence that when humans and dogs glare into each other’s eyes, a hormone called oxytocin (The cuddle hormone) is released from both of them. This is the same with humans that happen to have eye contact with their opposite gender.

Dogs can give us companionship whether we are alone or we are with another person. They can provide comfort and can help release stress. Dogs are no doubt one of the most loyal pets that can be tamed domestically. They’re a big help in coping up with emotional and mental sickness.

There are so many things that you can do together with your dog. Most of them have great benefits for your health mentally and physically.

Benefits of petting dogs

Exercise together with your dog

Active life has a big role in fighting emotional sickness. Dogs are a great companion when it comes to outdoor activities like running and walking.

The “oxytocin” burst

Have an eye contact with your dog. This love hormone has a great benefit on a person’s emotions. Imagine if you’re deeply in love, you can almost do anything. Not actually anything literally but the drive is superb. We know that depression can cause a person to lose interest in everything. This hormone can help a bit.

Dog and man counseling

Even if dogs can’t communicate through words, they can relay a sense of comfort and companionship.  Most of the time, dogs can make us feel worthy of being with them. This can help us cope up with emotional stress.

Adds up life routine

Dogs also have necessities. If we want to domesticate dogs as pets, it’s better to treat them as part of the family. Spending some time with dogs will add some activities like feeding them, exercising with them, and don’t forget about the grooming part.

Some dog breeds can help fight anxiety and depression. These dog breeds are affectionate and each has a characteristic that helps the owner to release stress.

Here are the breeds of dogs that can be considered or what they called therapeutic dogs. 


Labrador Retriever

One of the dog breeds that’s best for children and adults. Labrador is kind in nature and has a sweet-cuddling characteristic that reduces stress to its owner. But be aware of his chewing capabilities, most of them can chew and destroy objects when they are lack of exercise.

German Shepherd

This dog breed is capable of working with humans - helping a dog that helps handicapped, drug-sniffing, police rescue, and packed with great obedience. Like a faithful companion, a German Shepherd also has an unmatched devotion and courage that boost the confidence of its owner. As a result, this kind of attitude can help fight anxiety and lessen the symptoms of depression.


Known to be the fastest dog breed aside from its agility, people love them because of their sweet and mild nature. Having them will give you an active and sweaty activity that will make you divert stress into something healthy activity.


A handsome, cute, and easy-to-groom dog, the beagle has a soul-stare which makes a calm mood for its owner. Beagles are usually bred for hunting purposes that’s why they also need a large amount of exercise. The only thing that you have to remember about them is “don’t leave them unmonitored” because they are very adventurous who love chasing and digging.


A powerful dog and a very happy one when given a task, this dog has a great obedience and devotion when it comes to companionship. A very protective dog with full of self-confidence, this dog is a great stress reliever for owners who wants to have an active and a positive companion.

Saint Bernard

Most of this dog breed is introverted-type. They are more patient, calm, and sensible. Their first priority is companionship and if a person is suffering from depression, this dog is best recommended. Just a hint – don’t leave them alone for a long time because they become destructive.


An iconic-assuming dog, this kind of breed are very aware of its surrounding. Very active when it comes to strangers and love to chase other dogs - not to mention their sizes. Pomeranian is best when exposed in public at an early age. They are one of the best alarm dogs. Great when you’re living in an apartment and can give a feeling of comfort and companion.


A dog breed best kept in apartments, these dogs are easy to groom. Although pugs have a lot of health issues, they are also friendly with other pets like cats. Not to mention that aside from its grumpy face, pugs literally are born to be funny and can give the owner a lot of fun. They’re most happy when with their family - his owner, and pugs can be considered as one of the best stress-relieving dogs.

Dogs have distinct characteristics that make them a good companions for humans. The good thing about them is they can help humans to cope up with loneliness. As an additive, dogs can spice up our lives, and when no one else is there, dogs are a great friend to be with. That’s why they called man’s best friend.

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