Spring onions are also good source of vitamin C


Spring onions are widely used in Asian cuisine and recipes. Harvested at an early age, this scallion contains high levels of sulfur that can provide numerous health benefits. Scallion is often used in salad, soup, and other dishes. Because of its low-calorie content, regular intake of spring onions is not an issue when it comes to weight gain.

Spring onions have a variety of uses that is unique in every country; like in Mexico, it can be eaten raw or grilled with a dash of salt. Compared to Asian cuisine, it is more likely a good garnish sprinkled on stir-fried foods and porridge.

Nutrients in Spring Onion

Spring onions have a low-calorie content which is good news if you’re on a diet for fewer calorie foods. Given its sulfuric compound, spring onions can aid in healthy digestion and can prevent digestive problems.

Spring onions are a good source of vitamin C which boosts the immune system as well as preventing macular degeneration that can cause the early death of cells. It also contains Vitamin A which nourishes eye health. Overall nutrients from spring onions are very common and are comparable with other allium species. As an inclusion, spring onions are also a good source of folate, Vitamin K, potassium, calcium, and sodium.

Spring Onion Nutritional Fact:

As per 100g

Vitamin C (11mg)

Vitamin B1 (.04mg)

Vitamin B2 (.04mg)

Potassium (180mg)

Carotene (14ug)

Iron (1.2mg)

Calcium (31mg)

Health Benefits of Spring Onions

1. Promotes healthy heart

Oxidation can cause a lot of cell and tissue damage throughout the body. This can be prevented by antioxidants. It can also reduce or eliminate the manifestation of bad cholesterol in the blood that causes heart function disorder and other illnesses associated with improper diet. Good cholesterol build-up is necessary for efficient blood flow; allowing the blood cells to flow efficiently, and perform their task without hindrance in transmission.

2. Prevents High blood pressure

Like garlic, onions contain medicinal properties that relax the veins and arteries that can reduce high blood pressure. Apart from it, the antioxidant content of onions is easily absorbed in the bloodstream and can promote good blood circulation, normal blood pressure, and healthy veins. For best results, it is advisable that eating raw onions is far better than cooked ones- cooked and raw onions have different health effects.

3. Promotes strong bones

Two vitamins are involved in developing strong bones – Vitamin C which has a vital role in the production of collagen that helps maintain good production of bone cells, and vitamin K - which maintaining bone density. If you’re wondering how important vitamin C is in collagen production, the answer lies during nap time.

Every day, we lose a lot of new healthy cells. To repair or replace these cells, our body needs collagen, and our body can’t produce enough collagen if our body is lacking vitamin C.

4. Lowers the risk of having cancer

As an allium family, spring onion contains a powerful compound called allyl sulfide which can prevent the cause of colon cancer. The flavonoid in spring onion can eradicate the production of free-radical-causing enzyme xanthine oxidase, which can contribute massive damage to cells and tissue including DNAs.

5. Maintains good eyesight

Like other fruits and vegetables that also contain carotenoid and lutein, spring onions possess these kinds of eye-protective nutrients. Spring onion contains vitamin A that has an important role in maintaining good eye vision and prevent your eye cells and tissues to break immediately that is caused by free radicals. Abundant in antioxidants, spring onion is one of the best spices that effectively fight macular degeneration.

6. Reduces blood sugar level

Research suggests that sulfuric compound that is present in spring onions can lower blood sugar levels by increasing the production of insulin. Due to the inactivity of the liver, insulin production can be disrupted. Our body, most especially our blood, needs an adequate amount of insulin to stabilize metabolism. This may also cause diseases that are connected to obesity and heart attack.

Spring Onion as Medicine

Many of the health benefits of spring onions are not only preferred for oral intake. These vegetables can also be used as an alternative for antibiotics and other commercialized medicine. Fortunately, it can be used as a remedy for internal or external diseases such as:

· Common cold

· Eliminates phlegm

· Detoxification

· Stability of blood pressure

· Good appetizer

· Anti-fungal infection

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