The Health Benefits of Avocado


The 7 Benefits of Avocado

After having a meal, a healthy dessert must be served to satisfy our body with the nutrients needed for a day’s work. Many fruits can be an option but picking avocado is one of the best choices for a health buff.
Avocado is also known as alligator pear with a large seed and a green yellowish color of its meat (The fruit itself) not to mention its rough skin. With a creamy thick texture, this fruit is more enjoyable to eat if mixed with sugar and some condensed milk. To be more presentable, making it as a fruit shake is an astonishing idea for dessert.
For some, avocado is one of the most nutritious food that ever existed because of its nutrient content. Although it is not a fruit with lower in calories compared to okra, avocado can still be considered a superfood for every meal. So, what is inside of an avocado that has great benefits to your health?


1. Loaded with healthy fats

When we say healthy fats, it doesn’t mean fats that came from butter or cooking oil. It refers to monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that aid in a healthy blood flow and helps decrease cholesterol level. In addition, these healthy fats are also essential for the role of our brain and cell regeneration. Research also found out about monounsaturated fats are on the list of one of the healthiest fats that can fight inflammation and reduce the risk of having cardiovascular disease.

2. Packed with fiber

Eating a large amount of food can actually cause constipation and even worst, indigestion of food that can cease the production of gas. To make it short, eating fruits with fiber would be a great benefit for digestion. Eating avocado can help regulate digestion and help the system for efficient nutrient absorption.

3. Good source of protein

Building muscle mass can be easier by consuming a lot of avocados together with regular exercise in a day. Avocado fruits are rich in protein and in fact, it is on the top list. Not to mention that it can also help burn excessive fats when accompanied by exercise.

4. Rich in folate

Folate is most important for pregnant women to prevent birth defects. Some diseases associated with folate deficiency like anemia can lead to leukemia. This is the reason why avocado is advisable to eat to maintain healthy production of red blood cells. Folate can also prevent heart attack and strokes, prevent any cardiovascular disease, and maintain a healthy heart.

5. Loaded with antioxidants

A cup of avocado contains 20% of vitamin C which can also be found in citrus fruits but is different in vitamin C content rate. It contains an abundant amount of antioxidants that help boost your immune system preventing the fast process of cell and tissue degeneration. It prevents free radicals from destroying DNAs, tissues, and cells.

6. Avocado contains a variety of minerals

Minerals that can be found in avocado as we never know are potassium, magnesium, and iron. This fruit is sufficient for a meal instead of eating a variety of fruits to meet up your dietary nutrient daily intake.

7. Carotenoids active

There are a lot of carotenoids found in some fruits. Avocado contains carotenoids that improve brain function like having sharp memory and improves its activity. Carotenoids promote the healthy growth of our body system and boost the immune system.


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