The Mind Of An Artist: A Simple Glimpse On Their Brain



The Mind Of An Artist: A Simple Glimpse On Their Brain

Depression and anxiety are filling the news lately and majority of artists are envolved. Why does artists, specifically musicians, are prone to depression? First, notice that most of musicians are very pedant in their passion. Devoting their time to improve their craft without even being bothered on what’s happening around them. Apparently, their brain activity is more than or above average compared to a normal person. Their focus is unshakable that they can notice even a single slightest noise. When creating their craft, they choose to be alone rather than to socialize with other people.

The advocacy of an artist

Artists are not perfectionist as normal people misjudge them by the way they create something. It is normal for an artist to attain the highest level of their creation as beautiful as what is in their minds. They don’t want any fuzz or any unattractive sound or sight in their master piece.  Ever heard of the word “artist level”? Well, let’s take an example of a grade 1 pianist. A child with an average piano skill can play a simple construction of notes without even knowing that there are other elements of music that can be applied. It’s not hard to judge them that they are apparently simple minded. Compared to an “artist level” pianist, the flow of music is absolutely surprising. Ranging from simple to complex that an average ear cannot understand or analyze what an artist is doing anymore. Artists are also extreme. When you say beautiful, they are expecting it to be beautiful as in “almost perfectly beautiful.” Their minds are set to meet their standard. So what are their goals? It is just –sacrificing their life for the beautification of their art. “For the sake of art.”

Weird or Nerd?

Of course nerds are already weird but in a case of an artist, being weird is obviously a part of their personality. But it doesn’t mean that they are anti-social people. Most of them are introverts that they prefer to choose who they want to talk with. The problem with artists are, they are sensitive as feathers. A little misunderstanding could mean a lot most especially when it comes to measuring of common-sense-topic.

Now, let’s differentiate talent from skill. Talent is inborn that can grow from beginner to professional to artist level. Yes professional level is different from artist level. Professionals are well versed on what they are doing without any flaws. However, in an artist level, aside from what professionals do, they’re adding some or more surprising details on their art without even rehearsing. Simply saying that they can channel their creative imagination and putting it into action in a matter of milliseconds, or even less. Moreover, skills can be compared to a simple mathematic operation that can be done correctly through practice.


Their big heart

Like lovers do, artists spend almost 90% of their time doing experiments and creating some on-themselves-theories. For them, failure is not an option. But it doesn’t mean that they always succeeded, they sometimes fail but they are not afraid to start again from the beginning. They always looking forward to finish what they started with grace and beauty. The only problem is, when their failure was accompanied by frustration. The bigger their heart, the bigger the sadness.\


Artist’s brain activity

Did you experienced being exhausted by studying a bunch of school subjects’in a day? It is not different from artists whose brains are always active as a power plant. An active brain can burn a large amount of energy that’s why artists need more energy giving foods to perform on their task with efficiency. This is the reason why most of artists consume more sweets like candies and chocolates.


Some study suggest that creativity has something to do with the brain’s neurotransmitter. Autism can be associated with creativity and artistry. Based on their observation, the creativity of the brain can be considered as abnormality. Furthermore, the natural chemicals secreted by the brain is at different level most especially of an artist performing on stage.


Strong focus can lead to overthinking

The reason behind the question on why artists are prone to depression can be answered by the following:


·         lack of physical exercise that relieves stress

·         artists always overthink. Overthinking may cause anxiety

·         adrenalin rush may cause hypertension due to anxiety

·         lack of dopamine and serotin (brain’s happy chemicals) due to   lack of exercise


Musicians suffering from depression

Over the century, huge percentage of musician artists confessed that they experienced mental illness due to stigma and public criticism. Here are those musicians that experienced depression:


·         Karen Carpenter – The Carpenters


·         Brian Wilson – The Beach Boys


·         Syd Barrett – Pink Floyd


·         Kurt Cobain – Niravana


·         SinĂ©ad O’Connor


·         Adele


·         Demi Lovato


·         Selena Gomez


·         Beyonce


·         Lady Gaga


·         Christina Aguilera


·         Bruce Springsteen


·         Janet Jackson


·         Britney Spears


·         Justin Bieber


·         Dolores O’Riordan – The Cranberries

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