The Truth About Tomatoes

The Truth About Tomatoes

Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) is both fruit and vegetables which is used mostly on dishes. As a food, it contains impressive nutrients that boost our health.

Most people love eating tomatoes especially when it is in a sandwich, pizza, and vegetable salad because of its sweet taste. Whether we like it or not, we can have an alternative to gain the nutrients of tomato without compromising our taste buds.

Study proves that the nutrients from raw tomato is somehow different from cooked ones. Not literally different but most of them are enhanced after a process of heating it on the pan. Packed with vitamins and minerals including nutrients, tomato can cure a lot of illness in our body.

A single tomato can supply a good amount of vitamins that are needed in our daily vitamin requirement. 

Eating Raw Tomato

Raw tomato contains vitamins like Vitamin C that actually boosts our immune system. Apart from ascorbic acid, it contains a lot of fiber which helps promote healthy digestion. There are a lot of health benefits when eating raw tomatoes.

Here are some health benefits of tomatoes including the kind of nutrients it produces when you eat them raw

1. Keeping your skin at good health

Tomato contains vitamin C anti-oxidants that helps fight and eradicate free radicals from our body which caused by oxidative stress. Eating tomatoes regularly can keep your skin in good condition, as a matter of fact, tomatoes can also cure serious sunburn.

2. Aids cancer prevention

Tomato contains lycopene that has an anti-oxidative qualities which reduce the growing of some cancer. In some studies, lycopene can block the indication of path of tumors.

3. Keeps a healthy eye

Tomatoes can be considered as a wonder food from the ground because of the benefits that it can give in our eye. Our eyes is one of the part of our body that tend to work while we’re still awake. As we age, muscular degeneration occur.

Our tissue is normally falling out and our muscular mass are decreasing. Lycopene has an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory properties that can disrupts the chemical process of a disease called macular degeneration that may cause vision loss.

4. Promotes hydration and prevents UTI

Tomatoes are high in water content that can maintain a good amount of water in our body. When we are hydrated, our body systems are functioning to its full potential that is very essential in our metabolism.

Aside from hydration, tomatoes can also invigorate urination and prevents urinary tract infection. This watery vegetable-fruit can act as a detoxifier that eradicates bad elements in our body such as gallstones.

When Tomatoes Are Cooked

Not all of us likes the taste of tomatoes most especially the raw ones. Some of us wants it grilled and cooked. Tomatoes are packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. When cooked, the content value is decreasing.

Cooking tomatoes decrease the percentage content of vitamin C but increasing its lycopene content and antioxidant properties. Well, we still have two options that is very beneficial to our body.

Does Eating Raw Tomato Better Than Cooked Ones?

Eating tomato most especially the raw ones are healthier if we need a large variety of nutrients. Tomatoes are much better when it is organic. Study shows that organic tomato contains a high percentage of quercetin- a natural compound that has something to do with our immune system, heart health, and our endurance. Aside from that, other nutrients won’t be compromised if eaten raw.

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