5 Health Benefits of Palm Wine

 5 Health Benefits of Palm Wine

In Asian countries, “Tuba” is a very popular wine that in every afternoon they will not go to bed without dinking this nature-made wine. Specifically, in the Philippines, people in rural areas spend their time working on their farms for their source of food and income. A day with hard labor is very tiring and a day would not go to past by without ever drinking tuba.

So where did they get this fortune wine? A palm climber called mananangot (term in Visaya as Palm wine tapper/climber) will check for a palm bud and cut it to produce its juice. It is sweet when it is freshly produced, but if it is stuck in a day, its taste will become sour and stingy. It is healthy if it is pure and actually promotes a better mood. The health benefits of palm wine are more effective when consumed fresh. 


Palm Wine Health Benefits

1. Promotes healthy eye

“Palm wine contains Vitamin B1, which aids with visual improvement. Aside from that, it contains Vitamin C, an antioxidant that aids in the elimination of free radicals."

Source:  Arthur, P. (2019, September 9). 5 reasons why palm wine is good for women. Retrieved from https://www.pulse.com.gh/lifestyle/beauty-health/5-reasons-why-palm-wine-is-good-for-women/5cbk3be

2. Contains healthy bacteria

Palm wine contains healthy bacteria like lactobacillus that help our gut flora and maintain a healthy digestion. It regulates bowel movement, is a good detoxifier in our digestive tract, and it prevents constipation and diarrhea. Other help benefits of this healthy bacteria can also reduce allergy symptoms and flu.


3. Improves your mood

Palm wine contains magnesium that prevents anxiety and insomnia. In some studies, palm wine can be a drink that could prevent the symptoms of depression. It calms the muscles and nerves that may help relieve anxiety and can promote good sleep.


 4. Increase body energy

As mentioned above, palm wine contains magnesium that increases energy in our body. In this case, it helps promote a good development of our muscles and bones for a strong and healthy body structure. Carbohydrates can also be found in palm wine and it’s also a good source of energy for our body.


5. Produces healthy red blood cells

Palm wine is rich in iron which boosts hemoglobin formation. Other than that, palm wine can prevent sprain and other unnecessary muscle activities. It can also produce a healthy oxygen carrier that may result in a better brain function, muscle function, and regulates body temperature.


For safety measures

Palm wine is healthy in our body when we drink it fresh straight to its tree. Palm wine will turn into vinegar if not been consumed within a day after it is being tapped and thus, not advisable to drink. Fermented palm wine will cause a lot of organ problems associated with its acid content and other chemicals formed during the fermentation stage. Even we drink fresh palm wine, let’s not forget that it also contains alcohol which can be bad for our health when taken too much.

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