7 Health Benefit of Citrus




Things you should know about Citrus Fruits

Citrus is a well-known fruit and majority of the people consumed it often. Rich in vitamin C, citrus fruits are often recommended instead of taking vitamins. This fruit is very essential to our vitality status and has a big role in maintaining good health as well as helping our body systems to function properly

Study shows that aside from its capability to boost the immune system, other health benefits can be helpful to your everyday energy-consumption activities.


Here are 7 good reasons why citrus is good for you.

Good source of fiber

Dietary fiber can be found mainly in fruits.  It can prevent constipation as well maintaining a healthy weight. Other benefits of fiber also include lowering your cholesterol levels, controlling blood sugar levels, and regulating bowel movement.

Good for the heart

Aside from other vitamins that can be found in citrus, it also contains potassium, folate, and B vitamins that can lower the risk of stroke and heart disease.  Potassium can also relieve high blood pressure, kidney disorder, anxiety, and stress. Aside from it, potassium can intensify muscle strength, nervous system, and help metabolism.

Good source of Vitamin C

“The tissues in our body may be developed through the help of Vitamin C that can be found in citrus. It repairs damaged cells and reduces the severity of cold and flu, and it also shortens the symptoms of it.  Vitamin C will boost our immunization to protect our body from illness and other infections.” Source: Clarke, J. (1999, October 31). On the vitamin C front. Retrieved from https://www.theguardian.com/theobserver/1999/oct/31/life1.lifemagazine3

Good source of energy

Citrus also contains sugar. But unlike other products with high sugar content, citrus contains glucose that flows regularly into our bloodstream. This means we can have a stable energy without experiencing a sudden sugar crash which can lead to anxiety and nervousness.

Good for other nutrients absorption

Citrus contains catechins - an antioxidant that can also be found in green tea called.  It helps our body to absorb minerals more efficiently. One of the most important nutrients that our body needs is iron which helps our body to produce red blood cells.

Good for hydration

Like other high water- content- fruits, citrus fruits are actually 87% water.  Hydration makes our organs function properly. Consuming a lot of citrus fruit in a day can help you remain hydrated and energized. Hydration has a lot of health benefits including the efficiency of muscular and joints of our body, regulating body temperature, and helping prevent dry mouth which can cause bad breath.

Good for your skin

Don’t you know that aside from vitamin E, vitamin C has a big role in keeping your skin healthy? Study proves that Vitamin C which is also known as ascorbic acid has a role in producing collagen that makes your skin smooth.


In many ways, citrus can be used as an additive flavor on dishes like vegetable salad, fish, meat, and in soup. A lot of Asian cuisines used citrus as an additional ingredient because of its aroma and the salty-bitter-sweet taste. Citrus is a fruit that you can hand-carry anywhere and a very affordable-healthy fruit that can boost your energy every day.





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