Bitter Gourd: Amazing Health Benefits


 The Truth About Bitter Gourd

Amargoso, balsam apple, bitter lemon; known as Bitter Gourd, this vegetables has a lot of health stories to tell. If cooked properly, you can create a delicious meal over its bitter taste.
Bitter gourd is a good vegetable most especially to those who work harder than an average worker. This vegetable is a complete package of nutrients needed to sustain a healthy body while working hard labor every day.

Here are some healthy nutrients and some benefits that you can get if you include them in your meal.

High in folate

Folate has a big role when it comes to the production of red blood cells or what we called erythrocytes. Red blood cells are also responsible for the transition of oxygen throughout our body, most especially in our brain. Every day millions of red blood cells in our body die because of our rampant lifestyle. So it’s better to eat a vegetable that is high in folate to prevent any diseases that are related to folate deficiency.

It is high in Vitamin C

We all know the good benefits of ascorbic acid in our bodies. Aside from citrus fruits, Bitter Gourd can supply 140% of vitamin C in just about 85 grams of this vegetable. These vegetables also contain antioxidants that prevent the quick destruction of cells which can make our skin less lively. Let’s don’t forget that vitamin C is a very popular vitamin that boosts our immune system.

Promotes healthy bowel movement

Bitter gourd contains fiber that regulates stool. People having irregularities during a bowel movement can have constipation which is not good most especially if you’re at work, on a meeting, or on a family activity. Besides, eating Bitter Gourd can give a better digestion.

Good for the bones

We need Calcium to strengthen the bones in our body. It also helps our muscles and nerves to function properly. Studies suggest that taking calcium alongside with vitamin D can be very beneficial not only for the bones, but can also protect our body from cancer, lower blood pressure and blood sugar.

Energy booster

This good vegetable also contains carbohydrates which can give us the fuel for our body system. In our recommended dietary allowance (RDA), carbohydrates are number one on the list – we’re talking about breakfast. It is badly needed most especially if you’re working hard labor throughout the day.

Keeps your body alert

Bitter Gourd also contains sodium that helps accommodate muscular contraction and neurotransmission. It serves as a lubricant and a pivot to all the functions in our body system and regulates the flow of all its tasks. Although too much sodium is not advisable, the right amount of it can help maintain fluids in our body.

It contains the incredible Potassium

Why is it incredible? Potassium has a big role in maintaining a healthy body. There are a lot of health benefits when we take potassium; helps reduce blood pressure, stroke relief, fights anxiety and stress, and most especially it enhances muscular strength, maintains body fluid, and helps in the transmission of electrolytic functions in our nervous system.

Good for hydration

Bitter gourd is abundant in water. Containing 93% of water, this vegetable can help revitalize your body in a single meal. Water is very essential to our body. Instead of taking water literally, bitter gourd can supply a good amount of it.

Can prevent diabetes?

This vegetable contains active substances that fight diabetes. It contains anti-diabetic properties; including charantin, polypeptide, and vicine which have a great effect in lowering blood sugar levels.

Some people prepare a breakfast using a bitter gourd as the main vegetable dish. Many herbalists use this vegetable as a cure for some diseases. Processed as tea, it is very beneficial for some tea-lovers who want an additional boost up of nutrients. Bitter gourd can also be used as an external medicine that can be applied to wounds and other skin infections.

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