Foods that help suppress depression


Food to eat when depression strikes

There are foods that helps suppress depression. These foods are called anti-depressants or food that contains vitamins and minerals that lessen the symptoms of depression. Here are some foods that help you to fight depression.

1.) Food that contains Antioxidant

Anti-oxidant prevents cell damage. It slower the signs of aging that includes early wrinkles, prevent damage of tissues, joints, heart and brain. Normally, our body produces molecules that can lead to cell damage. These molecules are called free radicals. Consuming foods rich in anti-oxidant can lessen the damage. Other health benefits of anti oxidants includes healthier glowing skin, reduce the risk of cancer, heart attack, stroke, and the risk for loss of vision.


Here are some of the foods that are rich in anti-oxidant including:

a. Foods that is rich in Beta-Carotene:









-Sweet Potato


b. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C:











c. Foods that are rich in Vitamin E:


-Nuts and Seeds

-Vegetable Oils 

-Wheat Germ


2.) Carbs rich foods

In some studies and observation, a person low in serotonin craves on carbohydrates. But some carbs have a lot of sugar that has a big impact on your blood sugar level. Vegetables and fruits that rich in carbohydrates are better to eat.


Here are some foods rich in carbs:

a. Starchy carb foods


-Brown rice 

-Sweet potatoes

-Multi grain cereal 

-White potatoes

-Beans and lentils 






b. Fruits rich in carbs











-Black berries 



-Acai berries



3.) Protein-rich Foods

Tryptophan food is a meat food that contains amino acid. And it produces serotonin. When you need to clear your mind, eating protein several times a day is very helpful. In fact, it can also boost your energy.

Here are some foods rich in protein:


-Chicken Breast


-Turkey Breast



-Pumpkin Seeds 



-Rainbow Trout


 4.) Foods rich in B Vitamins

Smokers have the highest rate of depression for the reason that they get less folate. B vitamins such as B9, B6, and vitamins B12 have a powerful role in preventing Alzheimer’s. In fact, B vitamins are popularly known as food for the heart and mind.


Here are some foods that is rich in B vitamins


-Dark green leafy vegetables

-Wheat germ 

-Enriched rice

-Green pea 

-Lentils (also rich in carbs)

-Almonds (nuts)


5.) Foods that is rich in Vitamin D

Aside from diet, vitamin D may be obtained through exposing oneself to sunlight. Vitamin D has a critical part in our brain's activities and functioning.


Here are the foods that provide vitamin D:

-Fatty fish





Foods fortified with vitamin D: 

-Dairy products

-Orange juice 



-Beef liver


-Egg yolks


6.) Selenium-Rich Foods

Taking the proper dose of selenium might help to alleviate stress in your life. There is a relationship between selenium and depression, according to mood research. It can help people with mental illnesses if they get enough of it. A number of studies have found that eating foods high in selenium can significantly reduce depression symptoms. Although taking supplements will not assist, it is preferable to have food knowledge.

Here are the foods that are rich in selenium:

-Beans and legumes 

-Lean meat (lean pork, skinless chicken or turkey, and beef)


Low-fat dairy products:

-Natural and processed cheese products 

-Cultured dairy


-Cottage cheese

-Sour cream 

-Sugar-less ice cream cakes

-Nuts from Brazil (just take one or two per day because it contains high level of selenium)

-Fish and seafood (oysters, clams, sardines, crab, saltwater fish, and -freshwater fish)

-Full grains (whole-grain pasta, brown rice, oatmeal)


7.) Food high in omega 3

A small number of studies have stated that omega-3 fatty acids have a big help in smoothing out mood swings especially on those who have bipolar disorders, and postpartum depression, and other health problems. The tissues in our brain are rich in omega-3 and have a very important role in connections between nerves so we have to maintain obtaining this healthy fatty acid. Consuming a large amount of omega-3 can offer strong protection against depression. Our body is capable to produce all kinds of fatty acids except these two; Linoleic Acid – an omega-6 fatty acid, ad Alpha Linoleic Acid – omega-3 fatty acid. These two is considered the most essential fatty acid and can be acquire only by consuming oily fish from fresh or salty water. Omega 3 can also be found in poultry foods such as eggs and chicken meat including beef.


Here are other foods that are rich in Omega-3 aside from fish and meat:

-Canola Oil 

-Wild Rice

-Green Soybeans 


-Milk from cow, sheep, and goat 


It is much better if we choose the proper food for our body. It is not necessary to buy foods that we don’t even know the content of it. We have to invest more on brain boosting foods that can nurture our minds.




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